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Dunsborough, WA, Australia

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Simmos - Products - Icecream - Almond Choc

Roasted almonds are blended into our creamy base, and just as we pour it out, we slowly tip gooey chocolate sauce throug...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Apple Pie

Cinnamon and swirls of stewed apples and biscuit crumbs.  Really does taste like apple pie with real pastry bits!&n...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Banana Choc Chip

Another of our all time favourites. Take really really ripe bananas (yes, real banana’s) add them to our crea...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Blueberry Meringue

Creamy meringue swirled with blueberries and flakes of white chocolate Silver award winner at the 2012 Perth Royal ...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Bubblegum

Big Kids, little kids and kids at heart love bubblegum!   

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Burnt Caramel with Salty Caramel Swirl

This flavour has been our best seller for quite some time.  Most Popular is a big word, but this flavour,  wit...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Cappuccino

Into our sweet creamy base we blend freshly ground and brewed coffee, and then, just for good measure...add organic choc...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Caramel Choc Fudge

Caramel base with little pieces of vanilla choc fudge followed by swirls of caramel sauce!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Caramel Malteser

Malted Caramel base with little bits of chocolate shavings. And, if you're lucky, a choc coated malt ball!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Cherry Swirl

Plump sour cherries and sour cherry sauce folded through our creamy base.   

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Choc Trio

We add white, dark and milk chocolate pieces to our Dutch cocoa base. Bit of a twist to just plain chocolate!   R...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Chocolate

Lucy says its simply the best, good old fashioned chocolate. Made with delicious Dutch cocoa powder lovingly added to ou...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Cinnamon Ginger

Smooth cinnamon ice cream blended with caramelised ginger pieces Secret Irish recipe used A grow’d up blend....

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Coconut Choc Fudge

Add lots of desiccated coconut to our creamy base and upon freezing swirl gooey choc fudge sauce through the icecream - ...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Coffee Crunch

Espresso ice cream combined with crunchy mocha ripple. Secret Irish recipe used. RECIPE SUGGESTION Coffe...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Cookies

Bits of smashed up chocolate cookies thrown in a creamy based with swirls of chocolate  - just to make it even yumm...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Crunchie Munchie

Caramel infused icecream and then we toss in little bits of choc coated honeycomb.  Sweet and tasty!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Espresso

Rich creamy espresso coffee ice cream. Rich creamy Yahava coffee- in a cone – the perfect pick me u...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Forestberry Yoghurt

This flavour is practically part of the furniture!  Tart yogurt base with swirls of summer berries, a perfect combo...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Hazelnut Mocha

Chocolate, Hazelnut and Coffee ... a perfect combination

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Hazelnut Nougat

Smooth hazelnut ice cream combined with delicious hazelnut nougat pieces Secret Irish recipe used

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Honeycomb

One of our old fav’s that we started back in the early nineties.  Smooth butterscotch caramel with chunks of ...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Irish Coffee

Velvety coffee ice cream with a smooth whisky swirl. Secret Irish recipe used. RECIPE SUGGESTION Irish Coffee...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Jaffa

An orange chocolate ice cream blend with candy coated jaffas Don’t toss this down the isle... Secret Irish rec...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Liquorice

It's Liquorice! It's black and for die hard liquorice fans a firm favourite. will make your tongue black!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Mango

Real Mango blended into our luxurious ice cream A taste of summer - available all year round Secret Irish recipe use...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Mango Macadamia

We add real mangos from up North to our creamy base, throw in lots of Australian native macadamias, and crikey you have ...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Mango Yoghurt

The slightly tartness of yoghurt tames the sweetness of delicious mango puree to make for a fruity favourite.

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Mascarpone and Fig

Caramelised figs swirled through our creamy based infused with Mascarpone.  Sweet and tart!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Mascarpone and Orange

Smooth mascarpone blended into our creamy icecream and rippled with saucy orange for a grown up favourite! 

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Mint Choc Chip

For years this has been at the top of our scooping list of favourites.  Basically, we take our creamy base, add a h...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Old English Toffee

Velvet butterscotch ice cream blended with a rich toffee caramel swirl An old favourite Secret Irish recipe used Ta...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Orange Choc Chip

Orange burst ice cream with dark chocolate chips. Natural colourings. Secret Irish recipe used & Take away...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Passionfruit

Passionfruit pulp and those wonderful crunchy seeds combine with our creamy icecream for a refreshingly decadent treat.

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Pecan Crunch

Smooth subtle nut ice cream blended with pecans Available in 1 litre take home tub Secret Irish recipe

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Pistachio

Smooth 100% pistachio ice cream. The real thing!  

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Raspberry Cheesecake

Raspberry puree stirred through cheesecake icecream with crunchy biscuit crumbs.  Just like cheesecake - only froze...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Roast Macadamia

Our wonderful creamy ice cream blended with pureed macadamias and folded with even more freshly roasted macada...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Roche

Our chocolate base, blended with hazelnuts and then, just for good  measure swirls with chocolate hazelnut sauce!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Rum and Raisin

We actually didn’t use raisins but chose to use big fat juicy sultanas instead of the usual raisins – more s...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Snickers

Caramelized peanut ice cream with a nutty sweet chocolate swirl Available in take home tub

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Strawberry

Real Strawberries, real milk and real cream! It's pure ridgey didge fruit!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Strawberry Cointreau Cheesecake

Mascarpone Cheese and Cointreau ice cream, blended with vanilla crumble and rippled with fresh strawberry pure...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Swiss Choc

We blend the finest Dutch Cocoa through our creamy base and just before it freezes  we add chocolate honey sauce an...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Tiramisu

Light coffee crème ice cream with swirls of coffee soaked sponge. A perfect 'pick-me-up'. Secret Irish recip...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Vanilla

Everyone asks what my all time favourite flavour is. It is vanilla!  You just can’t go past a good vanilla be...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Vanilla Berry Swirl

Real Vanilla bean icecream with swirls of summer berry sauce just to add that extra yummo factor!

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Vanilla Choc Chip

Our creamy vanilla base with rich dark choc chips Secret Irish recipe used Take away tubs available

Simmos - Products - Icecream - Whisky Prune

Smooth mascarpone icecream base with whiskey soaked prunes swirled with a whisky ripple Secret Irish recipe used...

Simmos - Products - Icecream - White Chocolate Malteser

We blended white chocolate through our creamy base and then add choc coated malt balls! 

Simmos - Products - Sorbet - Blood Orange Sorbet

Cool tangy blood Orange sorbet

Simmos - Products - Sorbet - Boysenberry Sorbet

Delicious fresh boysenberries churned into a refreshing sorbet

Simmos - Products - Sorbet - Green Apple Sorbet

Sweet green apple burst with apple bites

Simmos - Products - Sorbet - Lemon Lime and Bitters Sorbet

A tangy citrus bite with a cool bitter splash

Simmos - Products - Sorbet - Lemon Sorbet

Non-dairy, and lower fat.   A refreshingly tangy sorbet.  Great  for those hot summer evenings.

Simmos - Products - Sorbet - Mango Passionfruit Sorbet

Refreshing mango and passionfruit burst

Simmos - Products - Sorbet - Raspberry Sorbet

Real raspberries burst