Ice Cream

It’s hard to believe that Simmo’s began with just 12 flavours and a machine that could only make two tubs of ice cream at a time! Today, we can offer over 60 delicious flavours, and we produce 5000 litres of icecream a week.

A collection of awards line our shelves. These include three national awards for Australian Icecream of the Year and the top prize of Grand Champion at the Perth Royal Show three years in a row. We’ve also been included in the list of the Top 15 Icecreameries in the WORLD as voted by USA Today!

At Simmo’s

Simmo’s Icecreamery has expanses of lawn and several BBQs, an all weather 18 hole mini golf course, an adventure playground, and of course, Edward the Emu (caution: he loves Icecream!) There is so much to do for kids aged from 1 to 100. Or …… may choose to just chill and relax under the shady trees whilst your taste buds savour the joy of a Simmo’s icecream.

Simmo’s main base is Dunsborough, but you’ll find us on the Boardwalk at Mandurah and at Rottnest too! You’ll also find our icecream gracing the freezers of your local supermarkets. Click here to find a stockist near you!

Off the Grid

Preserving the environment is very important to us at Simmo’s. As you can imagine, with our freezers running 24/7 our energy consumption is pretty high. So, in 2015 we began our plan to convert the factory and shop to solar power. Our paddock became a ‘solar paddock’ and is stocked with rows of solar panels. So many in fact that we take no day-time energy from the grid to produce our award-winning flavours. The next step in this plan is to install batteries so we can be 100% off the grid.

The icecream you buy is brought to you courtesy of the Sun!

Who We Are

A Bit About Us

‘They’re Nuts!’ That’s what the locals said back in ’93 when a father ‘n’ son team, armed with an ancient Irish recipe, a small icecream machine and scoops of enthusiasm set up their little icecreamery on Commonage Road in Dunsborough.

But haven’t we grown up! Now over 60 flavours of icecream grace our freezers, a swag of awards line our shelves, and we were recently voted one of The Top 15 Ice Creameries in the WORLD by USA Today.

There is no secret to our great tasting icecream. The magic happens when you take the best ingredients, mix them with wonderful local milk and cream and freeze them with the care and passion that only an icecream lover can understand. That gives you Simmo’s!

We scoop the classic and traditional flavours; Vanilla, Chocolate, Bubblegum and Strawberry. But our sense of adventure and passion have guided us to create some new, quite unique (and popular!) flavours; White Choc Maltease, Whiskey Prune, Apple Pie, and Burnt Caramel with a Salty Caramel Swirl. We never stop creating fresh flavours; always trying new ideas. Those that work, you will see soon!

The world may have changed almost beyond recognition during the past 24 years, but Simmo’s Icecreamery remains true and trusted.

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Life is too short, eat dessert first! Delicious Dilemmas!

– Simmo